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Best Yoga Poses 2022 To Help You Get Long Body

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6. Standing Forward Bend

Best Yoga Poses 2019 To Help You Get Long Body

Have a swan dive down standing into forward bend. Come upwards and then fold back into another standing forward bend. To get a good hamstring stretch, do this slowly for several times. While doing this forward bend, you may love to do some variations to bring yourself deeper into the pose. You can try taking a yogi toe lock with your fingers hooked around your big toes to deepen the forward fold. If that’s easy, try slipping your upturned palms under the feet. Another modification is to bend the knees and bring the palms flat just next to your feet, then work on straightening the legs while keeping your palms flat. Make sure you’re having weight into the balls of your feet so that your hips stay directly over the ankles.

When you try this exercise at home, you can take as much time as you want to hang out, a chance you don’t often get in a class.

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