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Best Yoga Poses 2022 To Help You Get Long Body

Best Yoga Poses 2019 To Help You Get Long Body

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Some days, it is just not possible to put in a whole hour of yoga. But most days will allow you for this 10-to-15-minute sequence that stretches the back, hamstrings, and hips—the main problem areas for many people. Think of this series as a maintenance plan that will keep you running smoothly until you have time for a full tune-up.

1. Pelvic Tilts

Best Yoga Poses 2019 To Help You Get Long Body 2

The first few pelvic tilts will reveal any traces of low back pain and solidity. Do them smoothly and keep going until the movement feels fluid. After 10 to 20 rounds, you’ll likely feel more flexible.

Remember that pelvic tilts are perfect: You are simply rocking your hips towards your face, as shown, without lifting your shove off the floor. You should start off with your lower back just slightly curved, and as you do the movement you should feel your lower back pressing into the floor.

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