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6 Magical Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair – Must Try!

Having your hair to the side on your wedding day helps to show off any beautiful features you may have on the backside of your dress. It also helps you when you are not wearing a veil. It is an old Irish tradition to have flowers in the bride’s hair. Aside from looking beautiful, it’s a great way to bring costs lower, and also helps you to bring a romantic feel to the whole function.

1. Boho Style With Fresh Flowers

6 Magical Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2019. Must Try!

If you have a dress that is off-the-shoulder, or entirely strapless, you need a hairstyle which allows you to show that off, and what better than this half up, half down style? It’s a look that allows for many different styles within it, braids, curls, buns, chignons, and others included, and when worn in a messy boho style just like you can see in here, shows off the bits which you want to show off.