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Effective Eye Care Tips For Children – Take A Look!

Effective Eye Care Tips For Children 2019 - Take A Look!

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If your children can see indisputably during birth and teen years, their eyes are most probably healthy. If you have been able to help them maintain healthy eyes till their teenage times, it is likely that the same will follow subsequently. Some of the important eye care tips for children showed below

Effective Eye Care Tips For Children 2019 - Take A Look!

Ensure a Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet has green and red leafy vegetables like carrots, spinach, beans, and beetroot. Their menu should also comprise yellow fruits like papayas, bananas, and mangoes that have carotene in vast quantities. Carotene is an antecedent to Vitamin A and is considered very well for their healthy eyes.

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Do Not Stare At Computer Screen for Long

You should change your child’s habit of staring at the computer screen or TV screen for hours. It causes the eye fatigue. To avoid it the monitor of the computer needs to be laid a little lower than the level of his/her keekers.

Watch Television from a Safe Distance

Do not allow your children to watch T.V. or monitor from a close distance, in spite of their pleadings. A minimum distance of three and a half meters should be maintained in a well-brightened room to ensure his or her safety. Moreover, they should not watch TV in low lights.

Avoid Playing Mobile Video Games for Long

Your children should have limited access to mobile games. Their excessive leniency in these games could cause them to have a few of the signs seen in adult computer vision syndrome. Furthermore, it could also cause uneasiness in the keekers, hazy image, headaches and exhaustion.

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Avoid Eye-Rubbing:

Rubbing eyes frequently can cause germs to scatter and lead to the infections. Such as children with conjunctivitis should not rub their eyes as it can spoil the ill effects of the virus. Cleanliness of eyes needs to be given the major priority. Being a responsible parent, you should teach your children to touch their eyes, under any circumstances barring an emergency, only after washing their hands.

Avoid Using Hard and Sharp Toys

Even the games that seem harmless, such as playing with toys or other board games, the slightest fault or an accidental movement of somebody else’s hand could cause them to hit the eyes accidentally. In this case, if the toy or object is smooth or blunt, the damage is minimal and doesn’t permanently hurt the eye. However, a sharp object can be unsafe.

Avoid Using Kaajal or/and Soorma

The application of kaajal or soorma ; both are varieties of the Kohl, on the eyelids of your children is not a good practice. Unless you can personally witness for the quality of the materials used to manufacture them. These elements are not considered safe and may affect their eye-sight.

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Additional Protection to be Adhered

Keep an eye on your children when it comes to the question of fireworks. Make sure that they maintain a safe distance from it. Ensure that they wear goggles while swimming to guard them against infections. Do not let them come in contact with the chemicals and sprays.

Give the Eyes a Break and Get Enough Rest

We don’t pay attention, but our eyes do need some rest. For kids, looking at the blackboard in school, and staring at books and notebooks throughout the school days, followed by playing video games in the evening can put high stress on their eyes. Make sure they get enough sleep at night to allow their eyes to have rest. Replace evening tasks with ones that don’t need any focus of the keekers. These could be like taking a stroll in the park or playing games that depend more on other physical activities or just lying down in the bed with eyes closed and concentrating on music.

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